Thursday, 3 April 2014

Investor Green Card

The human life is not always as what you would like it to be. There are many wishes for a person that may not always be true. Some of would like to own their first home and some will have a home but with no people to live in it. In the developing countries there are many family members who migrate to the developed countries to earn a living and settle down well in life. But the journey takes them too far and they get lost in those countries it. If you have a family who is in some other country, it might be very hard for you to stay in there due to the problems related to the visa and the passports. If the country you would love to settle in is the United States of America, then you actually stand a chance. There is an eb 5 program that was introduced by the congress of the states for persons who wish to become a citizen of the United States.
The process
This process will give the applicant a green card if the applicant meets all the requirements. There are many processes that are needed to obtain a citizenship from a country. This program comes under the Investor Green Card, USA program. So to become a citizen of the United States, you will need to get to be an investor there. This eb 5 investment program requires that you invest a certain amount of money into the places that are marked by the regional centers. There are many marked places that are especially reserved for such investors. The investor can invest the money in a new company and he can start his own company there. If he is not willing to open up a new firm, then the individual can join another company and buy the major shares there. He can also use the money to expand an existing business in the United States. This investment is quite important because it the basic rule for letting you become an American citizen.
The program
This program aslope has some other qualifications. There are limits to the amount of money you need to invest there. Also, the company you open or you expand must produce new job opportunity for at least ten Native American individuals. The job opportunities can be located directly within the place of establishment of the company or it can be located indirectly too. If the e new company provides full time employment for ten Native American individuals for a period of two years, then the company will get eligible and the owner of the company will be awarded an American Investor Green Card. With this card, he will be granted many privileges like a citizen of America. He will be able to settle down there and make his own property too with the eb 5 investment.
This program also helps in the economic development of the United States of America. It helps them build a stronger economy and also creates new job opportunities for their people.

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